How To Write A Good Resume

Writing a good resume

A proper resume will get you great results and you want to seek out the right tips that can help you on how to write a resume. Many employers have specific things that they are looking for and learning about this can help you to apply this to your next resume. A resume is actually a very simple document and you can use some great tools to help you format your resume perfectly.

The format of your resume is going to be one of the most important decisions that you make. You should look at many samples before you make this decision. It can also be a great idea to look at the profession for which you are applying and this can lead you to the right format also.

The most common type of format that is used for many resumes is the chronological resume. This is a great choice if you have a major strength and want to highlight this strength on your resume. If you held a position where you have moved up the ranks, a chronological resume format can help you to show this information in a concise way.

If you have recently graduated from college, a chronological resume can also be a great choice. You will be able to highlight all of your education information and this can help you to show your strengths better. You may not have a great deal of work history and the chronological resume can help you to get around this.

If you have skills that are transferable, you will want to think about using the functional resume format. This will help you to list skills that you can transfer from one profession to another. If you are changing career fields, you should consider using a functional resume and this can help you to showcase skills that can be valuable to this new career path.

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    Do you have resume samples that we can download? I am applying as nurse and have a 2 year gap from my job. Thanks in advance for your help.


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