How To Write The Perfect Resume

How To Write The Perfect Resume

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They say there is no such thing as a Perfect Resume. Of course there is!

You can write the most attractive and organized resume there is. But the thing is, interviewers don’t really look at the “beauty” of your resume but what’s in it instead. Interviewers read. The content matters to them. The experiences matter to them. Your qualifications.

Research proves that a potential employer, or your interviewer scans resumes in less than 20 seconds. This means that if they don’t see anything interesting in it during the first few seconds, they jump to the next resume from the pile. Thus the importance of making your resume attention-grabbing.

So how do you write the perfect resume that is guaranteed to give you interviews?

Here are some tips:

Make sure your skills match with the job description advertised
This is pretty obvious. If you are looking for a position as a driver, it is assumed that you know how to drive. So make sure you read the job advertisement’s qualification and the required skills. And make sure you have them in your resume too.

Resume Format. Make sure your resume is properly structure
The simpler, the better. That’s the rule for resume format. Use a lot of white space to make it easier to read. Clutter even in resume is not attractive. Bullets are good to use.

Job Experiences
Potential employers will also look at your experiences. You may not have exactly the same job experience as the position you are applying for. But applicants having the same experience as the position will most likely gain more advantage.

Match your skill with the required qualification of your target position.

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