How To Write A Resume Objective

How To Write Resume Objective and Why It’s Important:

It is important for your resume to include a resume job objective. However, it’s doesn’t necessarily has to be under the Objective section. Instead, job seekers may opt to put their job position or career goals into what we call the Qualifications Summary.


Let’s say a job seeker is applying for secretarial administrative position. Qualification summary may be: “Dependable, trust-worthy and skilled in all areas of administrative and office management”.

Written this way:
1. The hiring manager will be ble to recognize the applicant’s goal because of the introductory line.

2. Applicant is able to show her key qualifications for an administrative job position.

3. If  currently employed, placing your objective into a summary is like saying: “This is who I am”, instead of “This is who i wish to be when i grow older”.

On monster, the Objective field may be used to indicate the summary of your skills or qualifications.

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