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The first step in writing the perfect resume is to know what kind of job you will be applying for. A resume without a focus is never an effective as one that relates to a specific job description.

Now, decide what type of job you will be applying for and then write it a the top of a piece of paper. This can become your objective statement, should you decide to user one, or it can be become the first line of the profile section of your resume to give your reader a general idea of your area(s) of expertise.

An objective is not required on a resume, and often the cover letter is the best place to personalize your objective for each job opening. There is nothing wrong with using an objective statement on a resume, however provided it does not limit your job choices. As an alternative, you can alter individual resumes with personalized objectives that reflect the actual job title for which you are applying. Just make sure that the rest of your information is stil relevant to the new objective.

Never write an aggressive international consumer goods manufacturer instead of "A" position that utilizes my education and experience to mutual benefit.

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