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Keywords are generally concrete descriptions like: C++, Unix, fiber optic cable, network, project management, among others. Even well-known company names (Intel, IBM, Hewlett-Packard), and universities (Harvard, Yale, Princeton, SMU, Stanford, Tulane, Columbia, etc.) are sometimes used as keywords, especially when it is necessary to narrow down an initial serch that calls up hundreds of resumes from a resume database.

Acronyms and abreviations here can either hurt you or help you, depending on how you use them. One example could be the abbreviation "IN." The "IN" could stand for intelligent networks, Indiana, or the word in. It is better to spell out the abbreviation if there could be any possible confusion. However, if a series of initials is so well known that it would be recognized by nearly everyone in your industry and would not likely be confused with a real word, then the keyword search will probably use those initials (i.e., IBM, CPA, UNIX). When in doubt, always spell it out at least one time on your resume. A computer only needs to see the combination one time for it to be considered a "hit" in a keyword serach.

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